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Baby nests and Zaky hands

Thanks to donations, we’ve been able to buy equipment that helps us care for tiny babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

Baby nests and Zaky hands help the development of premature babies, and help parents to be more involved in their care.

Supporting babies’ development

Baby nests are like a pocket or 'nest' made up of material. They act like the inside of the womb, when babies would usually be strengthening muscles and joints by pushing up against their mother’s tummies. 

Zaky hands are weighted hand-shape cushions that parents can use when they are not holding their baby. They make babies feel as if they are being held, so they feel calm, soothed and protected.

Baby nests and Zaky hands help with the security and development of tiny babies, meaning they will need less physiotherapy later on in life. Having that crucial support at this stage can also help with their speech and language.

Helping parents to be more involved

Amy, James and baby GeorgeJames, Amy and baby George

Baby nests and Zaky hands help parents to interact with their baby.

Amy Northwood's son George was born six weeks premature with a serious heart condition, and he stayed in NICU until he had surgery at 17 days old. Amy and her husband James found that, as well as keeping George safe and secure, the baby nests had a therapeutic effect on them as parents.

"Very early on we were taught how to complete George’s ‘cares’," she says. "One of these was changing his little bed and constructing his nest, swaddling him and settling him down. One of us would hold George and the other would change his bed and build his little nest. It made us feel closer to him, less out of control and less useless. A simple, yet wonderful idea."

We still need your help

The treatment and care provided at Evelina London’s NICU is world-class, but we still need your help. Donations make a huge difference.

With your generosity, we can make hospital a more comfortable place for tiny babies. Please visit our fundraising website to make a donation.

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