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Improving spinal surgery

A special piece of equipment made possible by donors has helped hundreds of children with curved spines
Chantelle undergoing spinal surgery

The Jackson Table at Evelina London keeps patients perfectly positioned in line from their head to their feet. A patient’s entire body is immobilised, which is crucial during incredibly delicate spinal operations.

This state-of-the-art table also allows the team to carefully monitor the child during surgery with 360° imaging, and the design means that images can be taken more safely, with reduced levels of radiation exposure for both patient and staff.

Chantelle is dancing again

One of the children helped by the table is Chantelle. Despite having a severely curved spine, Chantelle has been a ballet dancer since she was a little girl. When she was 14, she underwent a complex, nine-hour operation at Evelina London, having metal pins inserted into her spine to straighten her back.

The surgery went extremely well: Chantelle’s spine was straightened, which meant she grew by three inches. And it was the use of the Jackson Table that helped make the operation such a success.

What we can do, with your help

With your help, we’ve been able to treat more children with spinal conditions more safely, and more effectively. Thanks to donations, we’re able to fund equipment like the Jackson Table and transform the lives of children like Chantelle.

You can help us to keep improving the treatment and care of children at Evelina London. Please visit the charity website to make a donation.  

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