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Admission information for operation or planned tests

Welcome to Evelina London Children’s Hospital

We hope that your child’s experience in hospital is positive. We work hard to make sure that all of our children receive the best possible care when they are at Evelina London. We hope this information will help you to feel more ready for your child’s operation or planned test.

Before your child comes to hospital

When should my child stop eating and drinking before their operation or planned test? Details of this can be found on your child’s appointment letter, please follow these instructions closely. If you do not follow these instructions your child may not be able to have their surgery or planned test.

Who can give consent for my child’s operation?

Please make sure that your child attends their appointment with a person who is legally able to give permission for treatment and if possible the person who signed the consent in outpatients. Please read the consent (permission) information that you were given with your outpatient appointment letter. It is important to note that in law, a parent may not automatically be able to give consent (permission) for their child’s operation or planned test.

Should my child take their usual medicines on the day of surgery?

Please bring all of your child’s current medicines with you into hospital. If your child is due medicine during the time when they should not be eating or drinking, please check at preassessment whether they should or should not take their usual medicine on the day of their operation or planned test.

Are there any items that my child should not wear on the day of operation or planned test?

Your child will not be allowed to wear jewellery, nail polish or false nails during their surgery or planned test. Please remember to remove these items before they arrive at the hospital.

When your child arrives at hospital

What happens when we arrive on the ward? It is really important that you arrive on time. If you are late it may mean that your child is likely to have to wait longer to be seen and may not be able to have their operation or planned test. Your child will be seen by the medical and nursing team before the operation. This is needed so the team can check that your child is well enough for their operation or planned test and answer any other questions you may have.

Your child will be able to play until the time of their operation or planned test. There are play areas and activities ward to distract your child but do feel free to bring in something for them to play with or read.

Will my child be in pain after their operation or planned test?

We will give your child medicine to manage their pain and help make them as comfortable as possible.

Could my child’s operation or planned test be cancelled?

On rare occasions, we may have to cancel your child’s operation or planned test at late notice. We try really hard to avoid cancelling operations or planned tests but if this happens we will work hard to book your child the next available operation or planned test time that is convenient for you.

Should I check that you have the correct contact details for me and my child?

It is important that we have the correct contact details for you and your child. Please tell the admissions officer or the ward clerk if there have been any changes to your child’s name, address, telephone number or GP.

Can I bring my other children to the hospital on the day of the operation or planned test?

We do not encourage you to bring other children on the day of your child’s operation or planned test. Children are not allowed to accompany their brother/sister to the anaesthetic room. If you wish to go with your child to the anaesthetic room you will need to make arrangements with family or friends to supervise any other children.

Will food be provided?

When your child is able to eat again after their operation or planned test food will be provided. We also provide food for any mothers who are breastfeeding. We regret we are unable to provide food for other family members. There are restaurants and cafés located throughout the hospital.

Is accommodation provided at the hospital for family members?

We can provide accommodation for ONE PARENT ONLY. On the ward this will be on a pull down bed next to your child. If your child is staying on the high dependency unit or the paediatric intensive care unit other arrangements will be made. Staff will discuss this with you on the day.

We have limited accommodation for those children who are not able to get to the hospital for 7:30am (half past seven in the morning) on the day of their operation or planned test. The admissions officer will organise accommodation if the patient meets the criteria we use.

Getting to the hospital

Parking spaces are limited and we do not subsidise the car parking charges. The London Congestion Charge applies Monday to Friday 7am-6pm. See www.tfl.gov.uk for details. See more information about travelling to Evelina London.

Planning for taking your child home

We plan to discharge your child as early as possible after their operation or planned test. Please make plans for your child to be collected as soon as possible after the doctors have said your child can go home. You may want to think about the arrangements for travelling home and to ensure you bring a car seat if necessary. If your child is discharged later in the day, we advise that you have arranged school pick up for your other children.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about isolation or the pre-assessment process, please contact our pre-assessment team:

Tel: 020 7188 7188 extension: 56225
(Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm)

If you have any queries about your child’s surgery, please contact the service your child is under directly, on the contact details you already have for the service team.

Where next?

Find more information, including a video about having an operation or planned test at Evelina London.


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