If your child has been invited for a face-to-face appointment or procedure, it’s important you still come unless you hear otherwise.
To help keep everyone safe, only one parent or carer can attend. No other family or friends can visit.
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Welcome to Mountain ward

Fifth floor, Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Mountain Ward cares for children from birth to 18 years of age. We provide care for many different specialities but generally the ward is split into surgical, medical, home ventilation unit (HVU) and high dependency unit (HDU). You may have come to us as a planned visit or as an emergency admission. Either way we hope we can make your child’s stay as pleasant as possible. This website page aims to give you some basic information about your child’s stay. If you have any other questions please ask a member of our team.

Ward rounds and doctors

Your child will be allocated a lead consultant. Ward rounds take place every day, usually at 8am-1pm. There are many different speciality teams, so your child may be seen at different times by different doctors. By being with your child during their review, you can ask the doctors questions. If you wish to speak to a doctor after the ward round, the nurse will aim to arrange this for you.

Visiting times and accommodation

Parents can visit at any time. We only allow other vistors to visit a parent’s presence. Only one parent/legal guardian can stay overnight per bed space (except in HDU where the level of care is higher, so in an emergency we must have appropriate access to the bedside at all times). Drop down beds are provided from 7pm-7am. Two visitors are welcome per bed space from 10am-6pm. Siblings are welcome to visit except in infectious areas, and they must be supervised at all times. Please leave bedside curtains open at all times, except during personal care times or breastfeeding. This will allow us to monitor the children safely during your stay. Parent’s beds need to be up by 7am for safety reasons.

Infection control and cubicles

Everyone needs to wash their hands or use alcohol gel before coming into each bay. If your child has an infection or a severe immune deficiency, they will be cared for in a cubicle or in a bay with other children who have a similar condition. Once your child is no longer infectious they may be moved to an infection-free bay. If you or your visitors feel unwell please tell your nurse as soon as possible.If you have diarrhoea or vomiting, you need to be 48 hours symptom-free before visiting the hospital. This is to protect the children from infections.

Food and drink

We provide food and drink for the children that are patients on the ward, and breastfeeding mothers. Please be aware that we do not provide food for any other family members. Meal times are: breakfast 8.30am, lunch 12pm, and dinner 5pm. The ward has a snack trolley between lunch and dinner, providing a healthy snack for the patients. Tea and coffee are provided for all visitors in the parents’ room. There is also a fridge, toaster and microwave available. Please use with care and label all food and drinks with your name and date. There are cafés and shops in Evelina and St Thomas’ hospitals, including a 24-hour café in St Thomas’ entrance. Nil by mouth – when a child is not allowed to eat and drink Nil by mouth means not eating or drinking. Please check with your nurse if your child is allowed to eat and drink. They may need to be nil by mouth for a procedure or due to their condition. If your child can eat and drink, please be mindful of those who can’t and use the dining room provided on the ward. 

Breastfeeding support

You can breastfeed by your child’s bed or we have a dedicated quiet room. The ward has a supply of expressing pumps if your baby is unable to feed. The milk can be refrigerated, or frozen, by us for future use. Please let us know if you are bottle-feeding and/or using dummies so we can best support you and your baby. Please ensure that bottles are labelled with the patient’s details and hospital number – the labels will be provided by your nurse. Nappies, pads and toiletries For emergency admissions, in the first 24 hours, we can provide nappies, pads and toiletries for your child if they need them. Otherwise, please bring your own supplies, or they can be purchased from the outpatient pharmacy in St Thomas’s.

Car parking and travel

We advise you not to bring your car to the Evelina as parking spaces are limited and we do not subsidise the car parking charges. Please also be aware of the congestion charge which you will also need to pay. The congestion charge applies Monday to Friday 7am-6pm. See www.tfl.gov.uk for details. There are very good public transport links and taxis available. We do not pay for transport home even if you were brought to the hospital by ambulance. If your child is going to another hospital we will arrange and fund transport. 

Play in hospital

Play is an essential part of your child’s recovery. The playroom is available during the day – you can take toys to your bed space. Please make sure that patients and siblings are not left unattended in the play room at any time. The play team are available Monday to Friday, from 8am-5pm and can provide activities and distraction therapy. Please ask your nurse to contact them. If you have any unwanted wipeable toys or games, we would be very grateful if you could donate them to our playroom. Please give any donations to our play team.

Hospital school

The school is open during term time from 10am-12pm and 1.30pm-3.00pm. For children who cannot leave the ward, a teacher can come and do short one-on-one teaching sessions by their bed. During the holidays activities will be provided by the play team, please ask for details.

Further support

If your child has been in hospital for a long time or if you are struggling with the stay, you may be eligible for further support. This could include financial advice, emotional or spiritual support. Please speak to the nurse looking after your child for more information.

Mountain’s nursing team

You will have a nurse allocated to care for you and your child during each shift. Nursing shifts run 7.30am-8pm and 7.30pm-8am.

Comments, complaints and compliments

All comments and feedback are greatly welcomed. In the first instance, please speak to the nurse looking after you or the nurse in charge. When you are discharged you will be given a questionnaire to rate and feedback about your stay. If for any reason you feel that we are not communicating with you as well as you would like, please feel free to contact our ward managers or matrons. We also have an independent Evelina Mediation Service and the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)


Please make sure that you leave valuables at home. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer form on admission, to accept that you are responsible for your, and your child’s, belongings. Mountain Ward will not take responsibility for personal items. 

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