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Young people from Evelina London helping to build Lambeth Palace Library

Posted on Friday 6th December 2019
A boy building a lego tower and smiling

Nine-year-old Freddie with a tower of LEGO

Patients from Evelina London enjoyed building their versions of the new Lambeth Palace Library with the help of the developers Knight Harwood, teachers from Evelina Hospital School and play specialists.

Children and young people aged from 18 months to 13 years used Duplo and LEGO to build colourful constructions of the new Lambeth Palace Library. The real library, which is still being built, is located on Lambeth Palace road, just across the road from the hospital.

Freddie, aged 9, came along to the event before a scheduled treatment. His mum, Maeve, said: “Freddie was really nervous about today. This has completely taken his mind off why he’s here. It put a smile back on his face.” 

At the event held in the atrium at Evelina London Children’s Hospital on 27 November 2019, children had a perfect view of the new library, inspiring them to construct their own versions of the building.

Morgan, also aged 9 and a LEGO-fanatic, made a rainbow inspired Library. He said: “I love LEGO. This was so fun and made my day better.”

Every child received a certificate for their participation and their colourful masterpieces are now on display in front of Evelina Hospital School for everyone to enjoy.

Evelina London play worker, Michelle, explained: “Events like this really make a difference, especially for our long-term patients. This is their version of play time at home, which is really important for every child. It allows children to forget about their circumstances for a moment and just be a child.”

Oliver Driscoll, Director of the development company Knight Harwood said:  “Knowing that we would be building right across from Evelina London, Lambeth Palace and Knight Harwood have been very keen on facilitating and interacting with the community around us. We want to keep the community engaged with the project. Lambeth Palace Library is a place for all to feel welcomed and a part of the community.”

Knight Harwood kindly donated the LEGO to Evelina London Children’s Hospital and Evelina Hospital School.

The new Lambeth Palace Library is due to open in April 2020.