It's safe to attend our emergency department

Posted on Monday 22nd February 2021
Family receiving care at our Emergency department

Nicole and Benjamin at our Emergency Department

Evelina London's emergency department remains open 24/7 for the children and young people that need our specialist care, with measures in place to keep you safe during the pandemic.

Nicole and her son Benjamin, age 2, from Southwark came to Evelina London Children's Hospital after he got a common fracture called a ‘toddler fracture’ due to slipping on one of his toys.

“I called my GP, who recommended we attend A&E as we needed a specialist to take a look. I wasn’t sure about coming in because we have been trying to stay at home as much as possible and we didn’t want to put any more strain on over-stretched hospitals.  But once we got here, the staff made us feel so reassured and there was such a calming atmosphere.

“I was really happy with the care we received at the hospital. I would recommend you go in if you aren’t sure, you will be in safe hands.”

Sara Hanna, Evelina London Medical Director says: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, attendance rates at our emergency department have fallen and we know that this is partly due to concerns such as Nicole’s. We are still here for you, and it is safe to visit us if you need urgent care at our Emergency Department. It is important to still get the care your child needs during this time. We have extra measures in place to make sure you and our staff are safe when you come in.”

The measures include requiring all staff and visitors to sanitise their hands on entering the building and to follow government advice on wearing face coverings. More frequent cleaning is in place and rooms and equipment are thoroughly cleaned after each patient. We have also changed our visiting policy so that only one parent or carer can accompany a child, to help keep numbers to a minimum.

If you’re unsure whether you should attend our emergency department, read our parent and carer guide to symptoms (PDF 163Kb).