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A-Z of patient leaflets by title

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This page lists our patient information leaflets by their title. View leaflets listed by department.

As part of your child's care, you should receive information about their appointment, test, operation or anything you need to do when you return home. If you have not received the relevant information, please speak to your doctor or nurse. 

Every leaflet is reviewed at least every three years to make sure it is kept up to date.

  • Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Surgery

    This leaflet explains more about your child's laparoscopic nephrectomy surgery.
  • Looking after your health after leaving care

    Information leaflet for young adults leaving care, explaining the help and support that is available for them to look after their health.
  • Loopogram

    The aim of this leaflet is to help answer some of the questions you may have about your child having a loopogram.
  • Lower limb movement service

    This leaflet gives more information on what to expect if your child is offered an appointment with the lower limb movement service.
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  • Catheter diary
    Information leaflet and diary to help parents/carers keep a record of their child's bladder function.
  • Caudal analgesia
    Caudal analgesia is a very common method we can use to provide pain relief for children during and after their operation alongside their general anaesthetic. This leaflet will explain how it is performed, the benefits, risks and side effects, and give guidance for when your child is discharged.
  • Child development clinic
    This leaflet explains more about the child development clinic, a service which offers advice around improving your child's independence in daily activities to support your child's development.
  • Child treatment - consent for your child's treatment
    Important information for parents/carers about giving permission for your child's treatment.
  • Children and young people's health partnership (CYPHP)
    This leaflet provides information about the children and young people's health partnership community health team. This is a cross-organisational service which provides care for children, young people and their families across Lambeth and Southwark.
  • Childrens cardiac nurse specialist team
    This leaflet explains about the service the children's cardiac nurse specialist (CCNS) team provide.
  • Children's Developmental Feeding Clinic
    This leaflet explains about the Children's Developmental Feeding Clinic and what will happen at your appointment.
  • Children's one-stop bladder clinic
    Information leaflet for parents or carers of a child who has been referred to the children's one-stop bladder clinic at Evelina London.
  • Children's spinal cord clinic
    This leaflet provides information on our specialist spinal cord clinic. This information is for parents and carers of children with a diagnosis that affects the spine.
  • Children's Stroke Service
    The children's stroke service gives advice and treatment to children affected by stroke in infancy, childhood or in their teenage years.
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