Dr Ranj Twitter Take Over

Posted on Thursday 22nd January 2015
Dr Ranj Singh is taking part in a special Evelina London Twitter takeover

Dr Ranj takes over Twitter on Thursday 22 January

CBeebies presenter and resident family doctor on ITV’s This Morning, Dr Ranj Singh, is taking part in a special Evelina London Twitter takeover.

Dr Ranj will take over Evelina London Children’s Hospital’s Twitter account for one day only on Thursday 22 January between 10am-4pm. 

Dr Ranj is a doctor at Evelina London and one of the UK’s favourite TV doctors. Join him on Thursday 22 January as he gives Evelina London’s Twitter followers a one-off, behind the scenes look at the work of Evelina London, and an insight into a day in the life of Dr Ranj.

Followers can ask Dr Ranj questions about his job as a doctor and the special hospital that he works in.

To take part in the Dr Ranj takeover, follow @EvelinaLondon using #DrRanjtakeover on Thursday 22 January 10am- 4pm.