Evelina London poster girl asks parents to stay smoke-free

Posted on Wednesday 4th March 2015
Khadija Nurr Hussein with smoking ban picture

Khadija Nurr Hussein with her winning poster and chief nurse Eileen Sills

A poster designed by a nine-year-old Evelina London Children’s Hospital patient will be used to remind parents and visitors that Guy’s and St Thomas' is going smoke-free.

The poster design will be unveiled on No Smoking Day – Wednesday 11 March.

Khadija Hussein, from Deptford, won a poster competition in the children’s hospital to raise awareness that smoking will no longer be permitted anywhere on Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital and community premises from Friday 19 June 2015.

Khadija says: “I don’t like smoking because it’s not good for your body. I want to help people to stop.

“My poster says ‘Please do not smoke, it will pollute the world. It might give you cancer and eventually you will die. Please stop smoking for not only your safety but everybody else’s.’”

Proud mum Basra Hussein says: “We've always taught Khadija that smoking is not good for your health. I hope the poster helps people to stop smoking.”

Yinglen Butt, Deputy Chief Nurse, says: “Khadija's poster has such a powerful message. It explains in a very simple way why we want Guy’s and St Thomas’ to be a healthy environment.

“We want parents and visitors to Evelina London and other areas of the Trust to support us by stubbing out cigarettes before they step onto our premises.

“With the support of our stop smoking service, patients and visitors can kick the smoking habit. Going smoke-free benefits everyone, including our children.”

For more information about Guy’s and St Thomas’ stop smoking service, call 020 7188 0995 or email stopsmoking@gstt.nhs.uk.