Music therapy

Music therapy uses sounds and musical play to support the wellbeing and development of children and young people. Music therapists are trained to help children and families cope better with some of the challenges of living with a health condition or spending time in hospital.

Music therapy can help with:

  • reducing distress while in hospital
  • emotional processing and making sense of your child's hospital experience
  • helping your child to relax and feel heard
  • pain management
  • supporting your child to manage the hospital environment
  • working towards developmental goals and milestones

Music therapy is a registered profession and therapists are regulated by the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC).


We aim to provide a safe and calming musical environment to support:

  • musical interactions between you and your baby
  • your baby's neurodevelopmental needs
  • you to have positive bonding experiences with your baby

The music therapist will follow your baby's non-verbal cues and vocalisations.

Children and young people

Music therapy can support all children and young people, but may be especially helpful for anyone that is:

  • experiencing anxiety or low mood
  • experiencing long stays in hospital
  • experiencing agitation and distress
  • having difficulties expressing how they are feeling (this might be impacted by social and communication needs)
  • experiencing behavioural challenges
  • struggling to cope with diagnosis or treatment


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