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A researcher in a laboratory with test tubes and other scientific equipment.

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Two children at a theme park.

12 February 2020


Nut allergy study offers hope to families

New research has found that children who were allergic to one type of nut could safely eat, on average, nine other types of nuts.

TV presented, Konnie Huq, at Evelina London drawing with patients

13 August 2019


Konnie Huq introduces her children's book

The TV presenter and children’s author and illustrator visited Evelina London to talk about her new book and encourage children to study science.

Neurologist performing surgery

11 July 2019


Neurology world first at Evelina London

A two-year-old girl has become the youngest child in the world to undergo deep brain stimulation.

muscular dystrophy research

 2 July 2019


New funding for muscular dystrophy research

Evelina London’s neuromuscular service has received funding of £193,487 from the charity Duchenne UK.

Evelina patient, Sam Short, riding his bike

25 June 2019


Groundbreaking trial shows promising results for children with achondroplasia

Results of a trial, which took place at Evelina London, have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

3D image of a fetal heart

 27 March 2019


New 3D images will help to find heart problems in babies before birth

Scientists from Evelina London and King’s College London have developed a new method using MRI to produce detailed 3D images of the fetal heart.

Zach Power and mum

28 December 2018


New research could save the lives of premature babies

More than 70 babies from our neonatal unit took part in a ground-breaking trial which looked at giving platelet transfusions, the cells that help the blood to clot, to babies born before 34 weeks.

Emily who has benefited from our research

19 November 2018


Landmark study offers hope for peanut allergy sufferers

Researchers from Evelina London Children’s Hospital and King’s College London have taken part in a major study that could lead to a ground-breaking new treatment for peanut allergy.

Sophie on her first day at school

 26 September 2018


Dad thanks Evelina London for daughter's pioneering treatment

A father is competing in an ‘urban triathlon’ to thank Evelina London after his daughter received a cutting-edge treatment to prevent brain damage.

Rachel with her daughter Erin

 16 July 2018


New unit is detecting heart defects in babies earlier in pregnancy

Heart abnormalities can now be diagnosed in babies at an earlier stage of pregnancy thanks to high resolution scanners in the new fetal cardiology unit at Evelina London.

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