The Royal College of Nursing has announced that industrial action will take place on Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 February. We'll contact you if your care or your child's care is affected. Ambulance workers are planning strike action on Friday 10 February. Learn more.

A number of transport strikes are due to take place this February. If you or your child has an appointment at one of our hospitals or community centres, please plan ahead and do all you can to attend. If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact your clinical team.


Coming to a health centre

What to expect

You might come and see us at one of our health centres, instead of at our hospital. 

We see patients at lots of health centres in south London, but our main ones are the Mary Sheridan Centre and Sunshine House.

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Mary Sheridan Centre


The Mary Sheridan Centre is in Lambeth, near Elephant and Castle. It's sometimes called Wooden Spoon House.

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Sunshine House


Sunshine House is a bright and colourful building in Camberwell, Southwark. 

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Who you might meet

You might meet a nurse, or a doctor. They don't wear a uniform, but they do wear a name badge, so you can see what they're called.

The doctor will listen to you and answer any questions you may have. They will talk to you about your care, and may listen to your chest to check your breathing. They may also give you some activities to do.

You also might meet a therapist:

  • Speech and language therapists – they help if you have problems talking or swallowing. 
  • Occupational therapist –  they help you get used to everyday life after you've been ill.
  • Physiotherapists – they help with muscle problems, and help you to move and keep active.

Therapists don't wear uniforms either, but they do wear name badges.

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You can choose whether or not you have your parents/carers in your appointment with you - it's up to you.

If you don't want your parents involved in your care, they don't have to be, and anything you talk about during your appointment will be kept confidential.

We may encourage you to talk to your parents/carers about your health issue, or ask for permission to contact them, but this is only because we feel it will help you. 

Very rarely we may have to break your confidentiality. This is only in exceptional circumstances and if it's in the best interests of your health and safety.

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While you're waiting

You might like to bring books, magazines or your tablet/smartphone to look at while you're waiting for your appointment.

Mary Sheridan Centre has a kitchen, where you can make yourself a drink, and an outdoor area. It also has table football for you to play on.


Sunshine House has a resource area with a computer you can use, as well as leaflets you can pick up about your health and development.