Talk and play every day

Posted on Friday 24th April 2015
community SLT leaflet covers

Poor early communication skills can have a significant impact on children’s social, educational and health outcomes.

The period from 8-24 months is one of the most important stages of language development because what takes place in a child’s early years can have a lasting influence on their health and well-being.

And so therapists from the Evelina London community speech and language therapy service are working with colleagues in children's centres across Lambeth and Southwark to ensure that all parents are aware of their key message, "Talk & Play Every Day", while their children are still young.

The team has launched a new range of leaflets to provide parents with information about what they can expect, along with five top tips to support their child's language and communication. 

Three key messages for parents are:

  • Keep Your Language Alive - explaining the benefits of speaking your strongest language(s) with your child
  • Switch It Off and Talk to Me - encouraging parents to reduce the amount of time their children spend in front of screens, including TVs, tablets, computers and games consoles
  • Read and Rhyme Anytime - promoting the benefits of singing and reading to support language development.

If parents or carers are concerned, they can attend one of 13 weekly Chattertime sessions in Lambeth and Southwark to meet a speech and language therapist, discuss their concerns, and receive advice.

For further information, contact Cat Kayum on 020 3049 8061