Speech and language therapy (community) advice

Is your child starting school soon?

This film, made by our community speech and language therapy team, will give you some ideas of how to support them as they make this transition.



Talk and play guides

Our 'Talk and play every day' guides provide information about supporting speech and language development in your child's early years.

Developing language in young babies: 0 to six months (PDF 398Kb)

Developing language in babies: six to 12 months (PDF 398Kb)

Developing language in toddlers: one to two years (PDF 449Kb)

Developing language in young children: two years plus (PDF 318Kb)

Keep your language alive (PDF 331Kb) – a guide to every day language development for bilingual children.

Read and rhyme language development (PDF 250KB) – a guide to language development in children using reading and rhyming.

Switch it off and talk together (PDF 554Kb) – children learn best through talk and play, but this guide has some tips for making the most of TV and computer games for speech and language development.

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