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Chattertime sessions


Our Chattertime sessions are free and open to all children under five in Lambeth and Southwark.

Join us for activities and support and advice on communication and language development.

Find out more about our Chattertime sessions below or download a summary of all upcoming sessions (PDF 179Kb).

More information

Lambeth Chattertime sessions

Chestnut Nursery School, SW9 8QS Monday 10-11.30am 020 7274 4421
Stockwell Children’s Centre, SW9 9QJ Tuesday, 10-11.30am 020 7326 7328
Maytree Children's Centre, Sw4 8EG Tuesday, 1.30pm-3pm 020 8671 3298
Until 22 May 2019 at Kingswood Children’s Centre SE27 9UD. From 5 June 2019 onwards at Norwood Park One O’clock ClubSE19 1EA Wednesday, 10-11.30am 020 3409 0704
Vauxhall Park One O'Clock Club, SW8 1PU Thursday 1.30-3pm 020 7735 1540
Sunnyhill Children's Centre, SW16 2UW Friday, 10-11.30am 020 3049 5970
Liz Atkinson Children's Centre, SW9 6PH Friday, 1.30-3pm 020 7587 0914

Southwark Chattertime sessions


Albrighton Community Centre, SE22 8AH

Monday, 10-11.30am

020 7525 2017

Rotherhithe Children's Centre, SE16 2PL

Monday, 10-11.30am 020 3049 5963

1st Place Children's Centre, SE5 0RN

Monday, 10-11.30am

020 7740 8070

Crawford Children's Centre, SE5 9NF

Wednesday, 10-11.30am 020 7274 8543

Rye Oak Children's Centre, SE15 3PD

Thursday, 9.30-11am

0203 848 5780

Ann Bernadt Children's Centre, SE15 6DT

Thursday, 1.30-3pm

0207 525 0252

Ellen Brown Play Centre, SE1 3EU

Friday, 1.30-3pm 0203 049 6003


If you have any questions please contact us.

Tel: 020 3049 8181

Email: gst-tr.contactslt@nhs.uk

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