If your child has been invited for a face-to-face appointment or procedure, it’s important you come unless you hear otherwise. See all our information about COVID-19, including our most current visiting information.

Drop-in sessions for children under five


""Do you have questions about your child’s speech or language development?

Is your child on the waiting list for speech and language therapy?

Would you like some advice?

Are you worried that your child is not talking or doesn’t understand you? 

If you are worried about your child’s communication skills and your child is not known to our service, please come to one of our drop-in sessions.

To attend a virtual session please email gst-tr.contactslt@nhs.net stating your child’s name, date of birth, and GP surgery and ask for a virtual drop-in appointment with a speech and language therapist. You will be given information about how to access our virtual drop-in sessions. These sessions are for parents or carers only.

To attend a session in your local children’s centre (dates below). Please contact the children’s centre to book.

Summer 2022 drop-in Southwark

Salmon Centre
43 Old Jamaica Road
SE16 4TE

Soft play

Thursday 12 May 
Thursday 9 June
Tuesday 19 July

Ellen Brown Children’s Centre
97-102 Grange Rd

Toddler time

Wednesday 6 July

Ann Bernardt Children’s Centre
29 Chandler Way
SE15 6DT

Stay and play

Wednesday 4 May
Monday 23 May
Wednesday 8 June

Leyton Square Children and Family Centre,
Maismore Street,
SE15 6TP

Early words together at 2

Monday 9 May
Monday 27 June
Monday 11 July
(10–11.30 am)

Dulwich Wood Aardvark Children’s Centre
Lyall Avenue
SE21 8QS

Toddler time

Thursday 28 April
Thursday 26 May
Thursday 23 June
Thursday 21 July

Rye Oak Chidren and Family Centre,
Whorlton Road,
SE15 3PD

Stay and play

Tuesday 10 May
Tuesday 7 June

Canada Water Library,
21 Surrey Quays Road
SE16 7AR


Monday 9 May
Monday 27 June


Summer 2022 drop-in Lambeth

Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre
Clayton St
SE11 5BZ

Toddler explorers 9+ months

Monday 25 April 
Monday 16 May
Monday 27 June

Agnes Riley Gardens One O’Clock Club
Clarence Avenue corner off Poynders Road

Stay and play

Tuesday 26 April
Tuesday 24 May
Tuesday 5 July

Loughborough Children’s Centre,
Minet Road,

Stay and play

Tuesday 14

Tuesday 12 July

Liz Atkinson Children’s Centre,
9 Mostyn Road, SW9 6PH

Stay and play

Thursday 5 May
Thursday 16 June

Hitherfield Children’s Centre
Hitherfield Road
SW16 2LW

Stay and play

Wednesday 18 May
Wednesday 15 June
Wednesday 13 July

Clapham Manor Children's Centre
16 Belmont Close

Sensory room experience

Tuesday 26 April
Tuesday 24 May
Tuesday 28 June
Tuesday 12 July



If you have any questions please contact us.

Tel: 020 3049 8181

Email: gst-tr.contactslt@nhs.net

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