Community clinic appointments

How do I get an appointment?

In our clinics we see children under 5 with speech, language and communication needs, as well as older children who have difficulties with speech sounds, voice or stammering.

When your child reaches the top of our waiting list, we'll send you a letter asking you to call us within 21 days to book an appointment. It's important you call us in this time. If we have not heard from you within 21 days, your child will be discharged and removed from our waiting list.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Phone 020 3049 8181.

Your first appointment

Your first appointment will be by telephone. It will last up to an hour. 

We'll ask you questions about your child, including:

  • their birth history
  • their early development
  • how they play
  • what they understand
  • how they communicate
  • any eating or drinking difficulties they might have

We'll listen to your concerns and questions, and give you advice, strategies and activities that you can do with your child at home to help them develop their communication skills.

If we think your child needs more support from us, we'll discuss this with you and give you a date for your next appointment.


Phone: 020 3049 8181

If you have any comments, questions or feedback about our service, please email 

How to find us

We work in many different settings, including community clinics, children's centres, child development centres, nurseries, preschools, schools and in your home.

Our team is based at the Mary Sheridan Centre and at Sunshine House.