Strike action is taking place in June. We'll contact you directly if you or your child's appointment is affected.

There are rail strikes planned for May and June, which may affect your journey to our hospital and community centres. If you or your child has an appointment booked, please do all you can to attend. Plan your journey ahead and allow extra time.

Virtual appointments

Telephone and video appointments

You may be invited to have your child’s next outpatient appointment over the phone or a video call.

This aims to save you time and money, as you will not need to travel to our hospital or a community site. It may also benefit you if you find it difficult to travel, or if you feel more comfortable talking about your child's health in your own home. It also means less time off school and work.

Your child may need to have investigations done locally to you prior to the appointment, for example blood tests or height and weight measurements. We will let you know in advance if we need you to do this and how to go about it.

After your appointment, the clinician may refer your child for tests which might mean you need to attend the hospital for further investigations or an examination in person. The clinician will advise you at your appointment and will make sure your GP is informed.

Accessing our telephone clinics



Accessing our video clinics