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Coming to hospital as an outpatient

Ocean reception area at Evelina London

Most patients first visit us as an outpatient. Our hospital outpatient clinics are held at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, St Thomas' Hospital and in the community at the Mary Sheridan Centre for Child Health.

Your child's appointment letter explains where to go for their appointment and how to get there. And you'll have a text message from us as well, reminding you about the date, time and location of the appointment.

Where to find our outpatient clinics 


Evelina London Children's Hospital - Level 0

Ocean is our main outpatient department. It is on the ground floor (level 0) of Evelina London.

The pharmacy is nearby. Please be aware that any medicines prescribed during your appointment can only start to be prepared once you come to the pharmacy. This means that there may be a long wait of over an hour to collect medicines. Please be understanding of our team. They'll always prepare your medicines as quickly and safely as possible.

A self check in kiosk at Evelina London
A self check-in kiosk at Evelina London

Families visiting Ocean can check-in using the electronic kiosks in the main entrance of the hospital. Please bring your child's appointment letter with you on the day of your visit. The letter includes a bar code which can be scanned at the kiosk to let us know that you have arrived.

At the kiosk, you’ll be able to confirm your address, GP address and mobile telephone number and tell us of any changes that need to be made.

If you have forgotten your letter, you can still use the check-in kiosks by entering your child’s gender, date of birth and postcode.


Evelina London Children's Hospital - (Walrus Zone) Level 1

The heart service (paediatric cardiology) clinics are held in the Walrus zone. Walrus has its own reception and waiting area so please go straight up to the first floor if you have an appointment in a Walrus clinic.


St Thomas' Hospital - South Wing (Purple Zone), 3rd floor, Staircase C

Penguin is the main department for children's urology and kidney (nephrology) services, although some of these clinics also run on Ocean.

Penguin outpatients unit for children and young people is within St Thomas' Hospital just a short walk from Evelina London. It is located in the South Wing, 3rd floor, Staircase C (135Kb).

Penguin has its own reception and waiting area so please go straight there if you have an appointment within a Penguin clinic.

Reception telephone number: 020 7188 7188 ext. 54596 / 56226

Children’s Neurosciences Centre (Newcomen Centre)

St Thomas' Hospital - South Wing (Purple Zone) 1st floor, Staircase B

A 'cocoon' pod at the Newcomen Centre
A cocoon pod

Our Children’s Neurosciences Centre has dedicated facilities designed to meet the needs of the young patients of our neurosciences service. The environment is calm and a ‘cocoon pod’ in the waiting area helps children relax before their consultation.

Clinic rooms have sliding walls to hide equipment and there are hoists to help move children with disabilities. State-of-the-art video equipment records assessments so these can be shared with parents and other health professionals. 

The Children's Neurosciences Centre (Newcomen Centre) is in South Wing (Purple Zone) St Thomas’ Hospital, 1st floor, Staircase B (PDF 219Kb).

Please go straight there rather than Evelina London Children’s Hospital where a receptionist will welcome you and check you in.

Ear, nose and throat (ENT) outpatient department

St Thomas’ Hospital - Lambeth Wing (Blue zone), 2nd floor, Staircase F

Our ENT (ear, nose and throat) department offers appointments with children's ENT consultants, audiologists and speech and language therapists. 

ENT outpatients is located in St Thomas’ Hospital, Lambeth Wing (Blue Zone), 2nd floor, please use lifts and staircase F.

Please go straight there rather than Evelina London Children’s Hospital where a receptionist will welcome you and check you in.

Mary Sheridan Centre for Child Health

We run a number of general children's clinics in the community to bring these services closer to the homes of our local families.

Find out more about the Mary Sheridan Centre, and the services we provide there.

Our clinical research facilities 

Wolf and Seal clinical research facilities are light, welcoming and designed for children and young people.


Evelina London Children’s Hospital - 1st floor

Child having treatment in the Wolf clinical research facility at Evelina London
A child in our Wolf clinical research facility

Wolf is a clinical research facility for children and young people participating in early phase clinical trials and research studies.

Wolf is on the first floor of our Evelina London Children's Hospital. The facility allows children and young people to take part in our studies alongside ongoing care. 


St Thomas' Hospital - South Wing (Purple Zone), 2nd floor, Staircase B

A piece of artwork from the Seal clinical research facility. A seal swimming in a gold bubble.
Artwork in the Seal clinical research facility

Seal is a clinical research facility, meaning that we can do more to help find better treatments and cures in a specially designed family friendly environment. Seal is predominantly used for allergy research.

Seal is within St Thomas' Hospital just a short walk from Evelina London. It is located in the South Wing (Purple Zone), St Thomas, 2nd floor, Staircase B (PDF 219Kb).



Phone: 020 7188 4000


Penguin outpatients unit:

Phone: 020 7188 7188 ext. 54596 or 56226

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