Your outpatient visit at Evelina London

What to bring

Please bring the following items with you when you visit:

  • your appointment letter that you received in the post
  • details of your child’s current medication if applicable
  • a list of any questions that you wish to ask the doctor/nurse
  • a notebook / tablet to record any important information that is given

Find out more about what our patients would recommend bringing to your appointment.

The consultation

Your appointment letter will give the name of the consultant or clinical nurse specialist who is caring for your child.Clinics are run by a team which is lead by this named individual.

Consultants work in teams with other doctors (registrars or senior registrars) and you may see a member of the team, rather than the consultant. Consultants oversee the care of all children and are kept informed of the outcome of appointments.

Many of our clinics involve other team members such as specialist nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists. You may see a number of different clinicians during your child’s appointment – all working together to provide the highest quality of care.

You may also need to visit other departments during your appointment, for example, imaging or go for a blood test.

Your next appointment

At the end of the consultation, the doctor/nurse will tell you if he or she wants to see your child again and if so, when this will happen.

We will record this information on our computer system and get in touch to arrange this appointment when it is due.


If, during the consultation, a decision is made to refer your child for a procedure, investigation or surgery under general anaesthetic, you may be required to attend a pre-assessment appointment on the same day.

Please be prepared for this and allow at least two to two hours for pre-assessment as extra tests and investigations may be required. This saves your family coming to back to the hospital on another day for pre-assessment.


If you have any questions about your appointment, call the appointments centre on 020 7188 4000.