Strike action is taking place in June. We'll contact you directly if you or your child's appointment is affected.

There are rail strikes planned for May and June, which may affect your journey to our hospital and community centres. If you or your child has an appointment booked, please do all you can to attend. Plan your journey ahead and allow extra time.

Finding your way around

A map showing access changes at Evelina London Children's HospitalOur entrances

Evelina London is next to St Thomas' Hospital. You can reach the entrance by walking through St Thomas' and following the signs to Evelina London, or via Lambeth Palace Road (pedestrian access only).


The entrance to Evelina London's hospital from Lambeth Palace Road

Entrance via Lambeth Palace Road (pedestrian only)

The entrance of St Thomas Hospital which leads to Evelina London hospital.

Entrance via St Thomas' Hospital (parking available)


If you've visited our hospital before, you may notice some recent changes to our entrance 

Due to construction work, we have recently made changes to our entrances to ensure patients and staff are kept safe. These changes have happened because we're constructing a new building next to our existing hospital. 

What’s changed?

We have opened a different entrance to Evelina London from within St Thomas’ Hospital. See a map highlighting the internal route (PDF 309Kb). 

The current Evelina London entrance on Lambeth Palace Road remains open but for pedestrians only.

  • The doors from St Thomas’ Hospital opposite Evelina London are closed.
  • Internal access between Evelina London and St Thomas’ Hospital is outlined on this map (PDF 309Kb).
  • The road to the Evelina London main entrance is closed to traffic. All drop offs and parking are via the St Thomas’ Hospital car park

If you have any questions about these changes, please speak to a member of staff caring for your child.

The different levels of Evelina London

The hospital has an overall theme – the natural world – and each level represents a different part, from ocean on the ground floor, to sky at the very top. 

Level -1 – Reef


Reef is where two of our operating theatres are located (the other four are on level 2 – Forest).

Level 0 – Ocean



Ocean is the ground floor, where the main entrance to Evelina is. It's home to our main outpatients department. Many of our services hold clinics here.

The main hospital reception and pharmacy are also on this level.

Wards and outpatient areas

We also hold clinics in our new Penguin outpatient unit located in South Wing, 3rd floor, staircase C, St Thomas' Hospital, just a short walk from Evelina London. Appointment letters will include information about where the clinic you need to attend is being held.

Level 1 – Arctic


Arctic is home to many of our imaging, heart and kidney services.

Wards and outpatient areas

We also have a Children's Day Unit in St Thomas' Hospital, a short walk away.

Level 2 – Forest



Forest is home to four of our operating theatres, a procedure room and a recovery suite.

Forest also houses our intensive care unit (PICU) and the South Thames Retrieval Service.

Level 3 – Beach



Kidney inpatient services are on Beach, along with a short stay and longer stay surgical unit for children who have had surgery.

Wards and outpatient areas

Level 4 – Savannah



Heart, orthopaedic and neurology patients stay on Savannah.

Wards and outpatient areas

  • Camel
  • Lizard
  • Dragonfly

Level 5 – Mountain



Mountain is home to a ward that looks after general medicine and complex ear, nose and throat (ENT) patients and includes a High Dependency Unit (HDU).

Wards and outpatient areas

  • Bird
  • Bear
  • Deer

Level 6 – Sky


We're transforming the 6th floor from offices to become Sky Ward.

Find out more about how we are growing.

Access guide

View access guides to Evelina London to help you get around the hospital.