Beach ward

Surgery, urology, kidney and dialysis care


Beach Ward floorplan3rd floor, Evelina London Children’s Hospital. 

Directions: take the Red Moon lift (lift B) to the 3rd floor. This is at the far end of the hospital beyond the helter-skelter.

Beach ward has 3 specialties:

  • surgery (Seahorse zone)
  • kidney and urology (Turtle zone)
  • dialysis (Crab zone)

Information for visitors

Beach Ward artworkParents and carers can visit their child at any time.

Visiting hours for all other visitors are 8am to 8pm.

No more than 2 visitors are allowed at a time for each bed.

Visiting children must be supervised by an adult.

Please be quiet in the evenings.

Please switch your mobile phone to silent. If you need to use it, please go to the parents' room.

Always clean your hands with alcohol gel when you enter or leave the ward to reduce the risk of infection.

If you have been in contact with someone who has chicken pox, speak to the nurse in charge before entering the ward. Some of the children are very sensitive to infections.

Pull down parents bed

Accommodation for parents and carers

1 parent or carer is allowed to stay with their child overnight in pull-down beds at the child's bedside.

We provide linen, towels and showering facilities. For information about other places to stay, see our accommodation page.

Room for parents and carers

We have a room next to Turtle zone for parents and carers to relax in. You can make tea or coffee, and there's fridge in which you can store your own food. Please label it with your child's name and bed number.


There are 2 play areas. 1 with toys and games is for smaller children and can be found between the Seahorse and Turtle zones of the ward.

The other, for older children, with DVDs and an Xbox is between Seahorse and Crab zones. Play specialists are there to work with your child.

Beach ward play area

Meal times

  • Breakfast: 8am – selection of cereals and toast
  • Lunch: midday – hot or cold selection
  • Dinner: 5pm – hot or cold selection

If your child has any food allergies or special dietary requirements please tell your nurse.

Water, squash drinks, milk, tea and coffee can be provided at any time from the kitchen.

If your child returns from surgery outside mealtimes, the nurse will get them something cold.

Your nurse

At the start of each shift, you child will be allocated a nurse who will introduce themselves to you. This is the best person to ask if you need help, but please don't hesitate to ask another member of staff for assistance.

Your doctor

The doctors involved in kidney care do 1 ward round a day, at 9.30am. This is a good time to ask questions.

Twice a week there's a nephrology grand ward round, which involves many different staff members and can take up to 3 hours, starting at 10.15am. The doctors will see you after this ward round.

If your child has come in for short stay surgery, you'll see your child's doctor first thing in the morning or before you go home.


If your child is staying at Evelina London, you can choose to take part in the self/carer administration of medicines scheme.

For more information please see our pharmacy page.


Staff in charge

Matrons: Carmen Barton, Ellen Samuel

Ward sister: Joanann O'Brien and Jessica Rech

Dialysis sister: Heidi Ramsey

To contact the matrons or ward managers, call 020 7188 8844.

Phone numbers

Main reception: 020 7188 8844

Seahorse (surgery): 020 7188 6547

Turtle (kidney and urology): 020 7188 8844

Crab (dialysis): 020 7188 4526

Access guides

View access guide to Beach Ward to help you get around the hospital.


Donate now

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You can donate to our fundraising charity online.

Or if you'd like to make a donation to your child's ward, please speak to the nurse in charge.