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Staying overnight with your child

We understand that you may want to stay with or near your child when they are in hospital so most beds in Evelina London Children's Hospital have a pull-down adult bed next to them.

Alternatively you may be eligible to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.   

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House provides a 'home away from home' for families whose children are being cared for at Evelina London Children's Hospital.

Find out more about Ronald McDonald House

Other accommodation options

The Ronald McDonald House charity provides a few rooms for families to stay in on the first floor of Evelina London, which you may be eligible for. Ask your nurse for more information.

Gassiot House at St Thomas' Hospital also has a number of shared flats if you are unable to stay in Ronald McDonald House.

There are also lots of hotels around Waterloo and Westminster (for Evelina London and St Thomas' Hospital) and Southwark (for Guy's Hospital):

What if I can't stay?

Lots of parents have to work or have responsibilities at home that mean they can't stay with their child in hospital. You can call your child direct and your child's nurse can help them to phone you so that you can keep in touch. You can also call 020 7188 7188 and ask for your child's ward by name. 


For more information about staying at or near Evelina London, call our accommodation office on 020 7188 0276.