Your child's treatment

Your child's admission letter tells you what ward/level to go to.

When you arrive at the reception at Evelina London simply follow the signs and symbols to your child's level or ask at reception.

When you arrive at your ward/level 

  • Press the buzzer and ask for the receptionist who will welcome you and introduce you to your child's nurse.
  • Give all your child's medicines to the nurse.
  • Tell the nurse if your child has any allergies or side effects to any medicine.

The care team

A team of people will be involved in your child's care, such as doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. A consultant will monitor your child's care throughout their stay.

Evelina London staff badge

All staff wear an identity badge bearing their name, job title and the Evelina London logo. 

Each ward has a ward sister or charge nurse who wears a navy blue uniform. Groups of wards are managed by clinical nurse managers who wear a purple uniform.

Play specialists

Play specialists are available on all floors and work with children of all ages. They can help prepare your child for admission to our hospital, and treatment and procedures. If you would like to arrange for your child to meet with the play specialist before coming to Evelina London, please telephone the ward.

Consenting to treatment

We want to make sure that you fully understand your child's condition and the options available to you and your child. Before your child receives any treatment, the doctors and nurses will explain what they are recommending and will answer any questions you have.

If your child is under 16, you will be asked to sign a consent form.

For more information about consent, download our patient information leaflet Consent for your child's treatment (PDF 65Kb).


Everyone working in the NHS has a legal duty to keep any information about your child confidential. Please speak to your child's doctor if you would like to see your child's patient information records.


Evelina London Children's Hospital is a teaching hospital and students may be involved in your child's care. They will always be supervised by qualified staff and it will not affect the quality of your child's treatment. 

Please tell the doctor or nurse in charge if you do not want students to be present.