Food and mealtimes

Eating well helps your child to recover. We want them to benefit as much as possible from the foods they eat.

All of the meals served in our wards are made using fresh ingredients in our hospital kitchens.


Mealtimes vary from ward to ward but the approximate times are:

  • Breakfast: 8am
  • Lunch: midday
  • Dinner: 5pm        

Check on your child's ward page for exact times.

Our wards have protected mealtimes. This means we try to keep mealtimes quiet, to allow your child to eat without interruption.


Breakfast is usually a selection of cereals and toasts.

Your child can then choose their lunch and dinner from our menus each day. If your child has special dietary needs, please let a member of their ward team know. All meat dishes are halal, and there's also a vegetarian option for meals.

If your child is hungry outside of mealtimes, let a member of staff know and we'll provide a snack.

Where can I get food?

Meals are only provided for patients and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Some wards have a parents' kitchen area and room where you can store and eat food. Find out more on your child's ward page. Make sure any food you leave in the parents' kitchen is labelled with your child's name and the date.

There are also a number of cafés and restaurants at Evelina London, neighbouring St Thomas' Hospital and in the local area. Find out more at cafés, shops and more.

Find out more

Watch our patients talk about the food at Evelina London in our videos for younger children and teenagers.