Play specialists

What are play specialists?

Play is an essential part of childhood – a child learns, develops, communicates and expresses themself through play.

Our play specialists are specially trained in providing play for sick children and young people. They provide our patients with the means to develop through fun and familiar activities, helping to reduce anxiety and aid their recovery.

Play specialists work closely with medical and nursing staff to make sure your children get the best care and understand what is happening to them.

How play specialists can help

Our play specialists can help you and your child in a number of ways. We can:

  • support children, teenagers and families by providing toys, games and activities
  • help children gain a better understanding of medical procedures and treatment
  • use distraction and therapeutic intervention to help a child cope with painful and invasive procedures
  • encourage recovery and development by providing fun activities
  • help establish a routine and continuity for patients who are long term, or require ongoing treatment
  • support siblings of patients, helping them to feel more involved, when the main focus is on the sick child
  • support teenagers/young adults often being an advocate for them
  • provide therapeutic play and support for children with special needs.

Watch a video about our play specialist service


For a full list of our play specialists' contact details, please see our team page.