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Therapeutic and specialised play team

We have a highly skilled team of play specialists working in Evelina London. We are all qualified and registered under the Healthcare Play Specialist Education Trust (HPSET), the play specialists' governing body.

Contact details for our play specialists are below. To 'bleep' a play specialist, call our main hospital switchboard on 020 7188 7188, say 'bleep desk' when asked, then say or enter the four digit bleep number of the staff member you wish to contact.

Susan Pruden - play specialist at Evelina London

Susan Pruden
Team leader for the play specialists
Mountain, surgical services
Tel: 020 7188 8845
Tel: 020 7188 8852
Bleep: 0831
Email: susan.pruden@gstt.nhs.uk

Cathy Gill - play specialist at Evelina London

Cathy Gill
Senior play specialist
Kidney and urology
Penguin outpatients department, St Thomas' Hospital
Tel: 020 7188 4670
Tel: 020 7188 5946
Bleep: 1110
Email: cathy.gill@gstt.nhs.uk

Sarah Stephenson - play specialist at Evelina London

Sarah Stephenson
Senior play specialist
Tel: 020 7188 5941
Bleep: 3271
Email: sarah.stephenson@gstt.nhs.uk

Clare Perrett - play specialist at Evelina London

Clare Perrett
Senior play specialist
Heart services
Tel: 020 7188 8849
Bleep: 1343
Email: clare.perrett@gstt.nhs.uk

Rebecca Bremner - play specialist at Evelina London

Rebecca Bremner
Senior play specialist
Mountain, surgical services
Tel: 020 7188 8845
Tel: 020 7188 8852
Bleep: 1748
Email: rebecca.bremner@gstt.nhs.uk

Eloise Lawrence play specialist

Eloise Lawrence
Senior play specialist
Mountain, medical services
Tel: 020 7188 8845
Tel: 020 7188 8852
Bleep: 3181
Email: eloise.lawrence@gstt.nhs.uk

Jane Sivyer

Jane Sivyer
Senior play specialist
Intensive Care (PICU)
Tel: 020 7188 4500
Tel: 020 7188 4501
Bleep: 3038
Email: jane.sivyer@gstt.nhs.uk

Linda works in our play team

Linda Walls
Play specialist
Intensive care (PICU)
Tel: 0207 118 4500
Tel: 0207 118 4501
Bleep: 0711
Email: linda.walls@gstt.nhs.uk

Freda, from our play team, smiling

Aphrodite Georgiou (Freda)
Senior play specialist
Imaging, Arctic
Tel: 020 7188 89215
Tel: 020 7188 54242
Bleep: 3249
Email: aphrodite.georgiou@gstt.nhs.uk

Judy from our play team

Judy Puttick
Senior play specialist
Neurology, Savannah
Tel: 020 7188 85952
Tel: 020 7188 88848
Bleep: 1255
Email: judy.puttick@gstt.nhs.uk

Play specialist
Kidney and urology
Tel: 020 7188 8844
Tel: 020 7188 5626
Bleep: 1317

Michele Berwick play worker

Michele Berwick
Play worker
Bleep: 1249
Email: michele.berwick@gstt.nhs.uk

Shirin Vohra play specialist

Shirin Vohra
Senior play specialist
Emergency department (A&E)
Tel: 020 7188 0107
Bleep: 1140
Email: shirin.vohra@gstt.nhs.uk

Michelle Saunders play specialist

Michelle Saunders
Senior play specialist
Children's Day Unit, St Thomas' Hospital
Bleep: 2170
Email: michelle.saunders@gstt.nhs.uk

Tracy Sutherland

Tracy Sutherland
Team leader (on a career break)