Ronald McDonald House

You may be eligible to stay at the Ronald McDonald House Evelina London. It is one of 14 houses in the UK, which are run by an independent charity – Ronald McDonald House Charities. 

The Ronald McDonald House provides a 'home away from home' for families whose children are being cared for in Evelina London. Staying at the Ronald McDonald house is completely free, and you will be able to stay for as long as your child is being treated in hospital.

Our Ronald McDonald House is on Lambeth Road, just a few minutes' walk from Evelina London Children's Hospital. It has 59 en-suite bedrooms, most of which can sleep up to four people. There are a small number of rooms that can accommodate up to six people. 

There are also communal lounges, kitchens and playrooms for children. Facilities are free to use, however meals are not provided, and there is a small charge for use of the washing machine.

The house has direct telephone links to the hospital switchboard so that you can dial the five-digit number for the ward your child is staying on. If you are unsure what the contact number for your child's ward is, ask a staff member on the ward who will be able to provide you with this.

The new Ronald McDonald House Evelina London is on on Lambeth Road replaces the old House at Guy's Hospital.

How to find us

Ronald McDonald House Evelina London
216 Lambeth Road
London SE1

Travelling between Ronald McDonald House and Evelina London

The quickest route from the hospital during the day is through Archbishop’s Park, approximately a 10 minute walk. Walk to the end of the Evelina London Children's Hospital driveway and turn left. The entrance to the park is opposite St Thomas' A&E. When you enter the park turn right. Follow the path to the exit on the other side, which will bring you out onto Lambeth Road. Once you have left the park, turn right and the entrance to the house is directly on your right. The park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset.

When the park is closed, the best route from the hospital is to walk to the end of Evelina London Children's Hospital driveway and turn right onto Lambeth Palace Road. When you get to the roundabout, turn left and walk down Lambeth Road. Turn left just before the railway bridge and you will see the entrance to the House.