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Neonatal Unit (NICU)

Our Neonatal Unit includes the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU)


Map to the Neonatal Unit at St Thomas'Sixth floor, North Wing, St Thomas' Hospital.

Directions: turn right at St Thomas' main reception, walk past the toilets and shop and turn left into the North Wing lift A lobby. Take any lift up to the sixth floor.

Family Integrated Care

On the NNU, we believe that parents and staff are equal partners in the care of your baby. We will encourage you to be involved with caring for your baby as quickly as you feel able to after their birth. On our unit we follow a model of care called Family Integrated Care (FICare).

We will help to guide and support you to carry out parenting roles (like changing, cleaning, feeding and holding your baby), as soon as you are ready. Tasks that are more medical remain the responsibility of the doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. We see you as equal, essential members of the team looking after your baby, and pride ourselves on working together to get your baby home as soon as possible. We will support you to feel connected with your baby.

Facilities for parents

After birth, new mothers are cared for on the postnatal ward located opposite the Neonatal Unit.  

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide accommodation on the unit itself. For information about places to stay, see accommodation.

There is a parents’ room on the unit where you can take a break to make something to eat or drink.  This room is not for visitors and if you bring your children with you, you must supervise them at all times. 

There are lockers for you to store your belongings when you come to spend time with your baby. Please hang outside coats in the designated coat hook area and bring only small essential items to the bedside.

Your nurse

At the start of each shift, your baby’s care will be allocated to a nurse who will work with you to care for your baby that shift. Your bedside nurse is  the best person to ask if you need help, but please don’t hesitate to ask another member of staff for assistance.

Your doctor

The doctors involved in your baby's care do a ward round every morning. This is a good time to ask questions and share in decision making about your baby’s care.

Psychology service

Having your baby admitted to the neonatal unit may not have been something you expected. Our psychology team are here to support you. Ask the team for a referral or for more information.

Neonatal Network

If your baby has been transferred to our unit from another hospital, or you do not live locally to St Thomas’ Hospital, we will assess him/her on a daily basis. When well enough, your baby will be transferred back to your local hospital. More information can be found on the London ODN website.


Staff in charge

Matron: Patrick Desmonde and Justien Duncan

Lead nurse: Alex Phillips

Phone numbers

Main reception: 020 7188 4045

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurses station: 020 7188 8847

Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU) nurses station: 020 7188 8846 

Access guides

View access guide to the Neonatal unit to help you get around the hospital.


Donate now

Donations from people like you help us go above and beyond for our young patients.

You can donate to our fundraising charity online.

Or if you'd like to make a donation to your child's ward, please speak to the nurse in charge.