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LEGO therapy helps people find their voice

Posted on Friday 28th August 2015
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Children and adults visiting LEGOLAND Windsor Resort enjoyed a free LEGO therapy workshop run by community speech and language therapists from Evelina London on Tuesday 25 August.

The workshop gave LEGOLAND guests the opportunity to try out new techniques that can help people with communication problems. LEGO therapy helps children and young people work as part of a team by listening, communicating and following instructions to build a LEGO model.

Around 2.5 million people in the UK will have problems with communication at some point in their lives such as a stammer or difficulty understanding and using language.

Ten-year-old Rasana, who attended the workshop during a family day out, says: “It was fun because we got to build things and listen to each other. I developed my skills by doing this which will help me with my friend who finds it hard to talk.”

Nicola Spray, children and community speech and language therapist, says: “Any of us could experience communication problems so it’s important that people can spot the signs early and know where to go to get support.

“A child may find it difficult to join in at school or play with their friends because they don’t understand or have the words to use. This can have a huge impact on their confidence, well-being and long term education and job prospects.

“Our speech and language therapists play a vital role by helping children, parents, teachers, carers and other professionals find ways to support their communication.

“By using techniques such as saying or signing key words or using photos and pictures we can help people to find ways to express themselves or listen and understand others."

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