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Evelina London inspires a fantasy novel with a health message

Posted on Thursday 24th December 2015
Adrian Li holds up his book, The Warriors of Genesis

Adrian Li donating copies of his book to Evelina London

Dr Adrian Li balances life as both a doctor and an author but has found a way to combine both his passions.  His latest book, The Warriors of Genesis, is the first fantasy novel of its kind to incorporate a health message.

It was during his time as a medical student that Dr Li found inspiration for the novel. He encountered a young mum who lost her son to alcohol poisoning and vowed to do all he could to spread the message about the danger of excessive alcohol consumption.

Dr Li explains: “The book centres around a classic battle between good and evil, heaven and hell. Three sins are wreaking havoc on Earth and plan to destroy heaven; they do this by controlling humans through alcoholism. I’ve weaved a positive health message into the book but it’s still very much a fantasy novel. I just thought that if I can warn one young person about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption then I’ll be happy.”

Currently working at Guy’s Hospital, Dr Li recently returned to Evelina London to donate signed copies of his book to the hospital school. He also presented his book at ‘Journal Club’, a forum for Intensive Care Unit staff to come together and discuss medical papers. It’s the first time they’ve included something that wasn’t strictly a medical paper but it shows the importance of finding innovative ways to communicate health messages.

Dr Li has some advice for any budding authors.

“Planning is the key. It took me almost three years to write this book. I spent a year and a half just planning and researching. When it came to starting the book I would write at every opportunity. I’d carry a notebook and pen everywhere I went and would often be sat furiously jotting down plot ideas on the Tube on the way to work.”

A sequel is already on the cards with Evelina London Children’s Hospital set to feature as a key location in the continued battle between good and evil.

Dr Li said: ‘I learned a lot in my time as a doctor on Mountain Ward. Evelina London is a very special place and I’m proud to continue to support the amazing work that they do.”

The Warriors of Genesis by Adrian Li is available to buy on Amazon and in Waterstones and Foyles.