Unveiling Tony Hudgell's inspirational fundraising legacy

Posted on Friday 6th November 2020
Tony Hudgell smiling and raising his arm with a thumbs up.

When six-year-old Tony Hudgell set out to walk 10km in June for Evelina London, his parents Paula and Mark thought he would raise £500.

What they couldn’t foresee was that Tony’s first steps on his newly-fitted prosthetic legs would take him on a £1.5 million journey towards making a long-lasting impact for Evelina London.

Making a difference

Since finishing his inspirational challenge, Tony and his family have been working closely with us to work out where the amazing £1.5 million Tony raised would make the biggest impact.

Taking points from Tony and his family’s experience at Evelina London, the money Tony has raised will go towards a series of projects that will help the hospital provide specialist care and support for the 103,000 children and young people who come through our doors each year.

The Tony Hudgell therapy area

To celebrate the six-year-old’s outstanding work for our hospital, plans are being made for money from Tony’s campaign to go towards opening the ‘Tony Hudgell therapy area,’ a therapy space dedicated to children like Tony.

The therapy space is set to open in 2026 and will be housed in a brand-new building next to our existing hospital. Our hospital is growing in order to provide outstanding healthcare for more children and young people, meeting their needs now and in the future. We will be talking to Tony, children, and families with similar needs to him in planning the design of this space to ensure it meets the needs of all families now and in the future.

Ground-breaking orthopaedic equipment

Throughout his time under our care, Tony and his family have relied on the expertise of his orthopaedic team. Donations from his fundraising campaign will fund innovative orthopaedic equipment so that we can support children and young people through child-centred support and care for even the most difficult bone and muscle conditions.

Extending our specialist care beyond the hospital

Evelina London remains an important part of Tony’s life. He will continue to receive follow up care at our hospital until he is an adult.

Tony’s fundraising will aim to go towards extending our specialist care and support across south east England.

We will help children and young people across the South East have access to the very best care and treatment that they need closer to home. By giving families the option to have more of their specialist therapy out of the hospital, with less travel, children and their families can fit ongoing care around their busy childhoods.  

Paula, Tony’s mum said: “We'd like to thank everyone who has been so generous in supporting Tony's fundraising,” says Paula. “We couldn't be happier that the money is going to a place that is so special to our family."

Your support helps make amazing things happen for all the children at Evelina London. You can still donate to Tony’s fundraising page