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From fantastic fundraisers to superstar staff and patients, these are just some of the incredible stories of how your support makes a real difference at Evelina London.

Precious Mia

Our dedicated neonatal team help to give families, like Maryam, Ewan and baby Mia, the best possible start to their lives together.

Thanks to supporters like you, the charity has funded more homely spaces on the neonatal unit, where our team can provide comfort to worried parents of seriously ill babies.

Learn how the charity is supporting families on the Evelina London Children's Charity website.

Incredible Cruz

""Cruz was born with a rare kidney condition and has been an Evelina London patient all his life.

He visited the hospital 4 times a week for dialysis before receiving a kidney transplant just before Christmas, something he describes as "the best present ever".

Read Cruz's story on the Evelina London Children's Charity website.

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