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Children's Day Treatment Centre

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We are building a brand new, state-of-the-art centre to provide surgery for children and young people who don’t need to stay overnight. 

The new Children's Day Treatment Centre is due to be complete in 2022, and is being built right next to our existing hospital building.

With two new operating theatres dedicated to day surgery and a comfortable waiting lounge, this purpose-built facility has been designed with families in mind.

With everything needed for your surgery in one, family friendly space, it will mean families wait less time on the day of surgery, as your pre-surgery checks, operation, recovery and preparation for going home can all be done in one place, in one day.

Our new centre will mean we can treat an additional 2,300 children and young people every year. It will free up space in our hospital theatres for operations requiring overnight stays, meaning we can provide more life-changing care to children and young people faster.

We want the new centre to be friendly and inviting just like the other parts of our hospital. We are working on artwork for the inside of the building, and will have opportunities for you to have your say. If you would like to get involved, please register to help us grow.

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Our exciting plans to grow

More operating theatres and a dedicated space for day surgery will mean that we can treat even more children and young people.

We care for over 103,000 families a year, but the number of children and young people needing our world-leading specialist care continues to increase. We need to expand our children’s hospital in order to provide outstanding healthcare for more children and young people, meeting their needs now and in the future. 

Read more about how we are growing.


Learn more about our plans to grow

Find out more about how we are growing.

If you have any questions, email us at EvelinaIsGrowing@gstt.nhs.uk