After your visit

Going home

After your visit, the doctor or nurse will tell you when you are ready to go home.

What happens next?

After your visit, you may need to:

  • have tests to find out more
  • take medicine to help you feel better
  • see a physiotherapist to help your body move better
  • see a doctor or nurse again to check how you are feeling.

The doctor or nurses will tell you and your parent or carer what they have found out about your health. They will explain what happens next. You will have plenty of time to ask questions.

They will tell your GP or local hospital about your care. They may tell your teacher as well, if you need extra help when you go back to school.

They will tell you who to call if you are worried or have any questions when you get home.


If you need medicine, your parent or carer will need to collect it from the pharmacy on Level 0 – Ocean. The doctor or nurse will tell you where to go. 

The pharmacist is specially trained to get your medicine ready for you.  The pharmacist can tell you about your medicine.

They will tell you what your medicine will do and the best time to take it. If you have any questions, you can ask the pharmacist. 

Staying in touch

If you have been in hospital for a long time it may feel strange to leave. You may feel a bit sad to leave your new friends and life in hospital.

When you go home, you can stay in touch with your friends from hospital. Ask your parent or carer for help to keep in touch.

You may want to meet up with children who have the same condition as you. The nurse on your ward can tell you about any groups of children who meet to:

  • do fun activities together
  • talk about how they feel.

And there are lots of ways to keep in touch with Evelina London. You could:

  • become a member – and tell us how we can make the hospital even better for children like you
  • raise money – by organising activities at home or at school