If your child has been invited for a face-to-face appointment or procedure, it’s important you still come unless you hear otherwise.
To help keep everyone safe, only one parent or carer can attend. No other family or friends can visit.
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Things to do

Boy in wheelchair playing table football with grandparent

Things to do in hospital

Being in hospital can be a bit boring, but at Evelina London there's always something going on. Sometimes special visitors pop in to say hello or play some music. And there are lots of things to see and do.

Here are some of our patients talking about the fun things you can do in hospital:


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Play areas

Brothers on slideThere is a fun play area on the ground floor of the hospital – you will see it when you come in.

There’s a big slide to play on, and lots of toys and games. You may play here if you are waiting to see a doctor or nurse.

If you are staying in hospital, there are play areas on the wards with books, games and computers to play on. Your nurse can show you where the nearest one is to your bed.

Boy and nurse playing with lego

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TV and radio

At your bed, you will have your own TV and radio. 


On the TV, you can watch lots of channels, including Cbeebies and CBBC, all for free.

On the radio, there are lots of stations to choose from, including our own hospital radio, Radio Lollipop.

You will be given headphones to use. This is so that it doesn’t get too noisy on the ward.

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Radio Lollipop

Radio Lollipop is our own hospital radio station, just for you. 

Radio Lollipop

Radio Lollipop plays lots of great music. The DJs chat to staff and patients to find out what is going on at Evelina London.

You can listen to Radio Lollipop on your bedside radio (radio button number five). Listen on 'Toptastic' Tuesdays and 'Thrilling' Thursdays, 6.15pm-8pm.

Radio Lollipop’s studio is on Level 3 – Beach, in our atrium.

Look out for Radio Lollipop volunteers on your ward – you can ask them to request a song.

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MediCinema temporarily suspended

In response to coronavirus (COVID-19), the Trust and MediCinema have decided to temporarily suspend screenings in the MediCinemas on both the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital sites.

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You will have a phone at your bed. You need to pay to use the phone.  Ask your nurse how to buy a phonecard. It costs:

  • 10p per minute for you to call someone from your bedside phone
  • Up to 49p per minute for friends and family to call you on your bedside phone.

If you have a mobile phone, please ask your nurse if it is ok to use it.  Keep your mobile phone safe by having it with you or locking it in the cupboard next to your bed.

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If you want to go online on your phone or tablet, there’s free WiFi at Evelina London. You can ask your nurse to help you get online.

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Hospital dogs

Two friendly therapy dogs, Magee and Nala come and visit Evelina London every week. 

Boy stroking therapy dog

Magee is a soft, fluffy Cockapoo and Nala is a gentle Golden Retriever. Both dogs love to be stroked and cuddled. 

Magee and Nala are both very special dogs.

Magee has been on TV and there is a book about his adventures. Nala was judged one of the best therapy dogs in the UK. 

Ask your nurse if you would like to meet them on their next visit.

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The Giggle Doctors

Giggle doctor

Sometimes, you might see strange and silly doctors at Evelina London. 

They can’t give you medicine or fix your broken leg, but the Giggle Doctors can show you magic, model balloon animals and, most importantly, make you laugh!

You can ask your nurse when the Giggle Doctors will be visiting your ward.

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