Ambulatory care

Our ambulatory care services are made up of:

  • Ocean, our main outpatients department
  • Snow Fox our planned care unit
  • several satellite clinics such ear, nose and throat, neurosciences, allergy and pre-assessment based in St Thomas’ Hospital and in the community

Ocean, located on the ground floor of Evelina London, has over 20 clinic rooms, dedicated height and weight rooms, a therapy gym and a plaster room that runs clinics 6 days a week. We welcome a host of paediatric specialties within the department including neurology, orthopaedics, sickle cell and neonatology, delivering face-to-face clinics to children, young people and their families. Many of our clinics are multi professional, and we have a strong relationship with our physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and clinical nurse specialists.

Snow Fox is a pathway-led ambulatory care unit, predominantly led by nurses, for children from birth to 16 years old who need to have an investigation or procedure and may need to stay one or two nights. The children and young people visiting Snow Fox may be under the care of any of the specialties at Evelina London and therefore, our skilled nursing team has a very broad knowledge base, delivering nurse-led pathways of care. Procedures may include blood transfusions or drugs infusions and some procedures, such as cannulation and apheresis, are led by nurses or clinical nurse specialists. Many of our babies, children and young people have complex medical conditions and visit us regularly to receive planned care as part of their treatment to manage their condition.