Paediatric intensive care

Evelina London's Forest paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) provides 20 critical care beds to babies, children and young people. The Royal Brompton PICU provides 16 critical care beds specialising in the care of children requiring cardiac and respiratory intensive care.

Our combined cross-site critical care capacity makes us one of the largest PICU services in the UK, accommodating all specialities within Evelina London, regional admissions, and running our South Thames Retrieval Service.

At Evelina London, we provide all nurses the opportunity to develop within a leading tertiary centre, caring for children with a wide range of conditions – from acute admissions, to post-op surgical care covering all specialities within Evelina London, including cardiac intensive care nursing integrated with paediatric intensive care.

PICU on our Royal Brompton site specialises in the care of babies and children requiring cardiac and respiratory care and surgery.

Our well-established, dynamic multi-professional teams, are committed to teaching at every level and enabling our teams to excel in their field. We extend this across those who are brand new to PICU, to training our specialist extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) teams, retrieval nurses, and advanced nurse practitioners.

Within our PICUs we consider our teams to be our biggest asset. We are committed to working together, promoting work-life balance, and positively supporting each other so that we deliver the best care to our children and families.