Savannah ward surgery

Savannah surgical ward offers both tertiary specialist surgical services to children in the south and south east of England, and emergency surgery to the children in our local community. Our orthopaedic and spinal service is the largest dedicated children’s orthopaedic unit in the region, treating bone and joint problems in children, performing complex spinal surgery and assisting with the management of children with orthopaedic emergencies, including fractures and infections.

Our specialist surgical services include cleft lip and palate repairs, ENT, plastics, and abdominal surgery.

Our orthopaedics and spinal surgery teams specialise in the management of the orthopaedic aspects of neuromuscular disease, especially cerebral palsy. Many of our patients have multiple and complex needs and we work closely with other teams including the skeletal dysplasia service and intensive care. Our ward team is supported by clinical educators, clinical nurse specialists and a large multidisciplinary team who work together with us, to ensure we provide the best care for our patients.