Theatres and recovery

The theatre department consists of 2 paediatric theatre suites (Forest and Reef), and links with other satellite areas in St Thomas’ Hospital.

Forest theatres is made up of 3 theatres, a procedure room, a cardiac catheter room and an 8-bay recovery unit. Reef theatre is on the lower ground floor and is made up of of 2 theatres and a 4-bay recovery unit.

As part of a hospital providing a wide range of complex care, we offer a range of surgical specialties, such as:

  • cardiac
  • orthopaedics (including scoliosis surgery)
  • ENT (including complex airway)
  • renal (including transplants)
  • gastroenterology
  • general
  • plastics
  • cleft lip and palate
  • emergency surgery

Our theatre and recovery department provide a wealth of opportunities for nurses. With such a varied mix of specialties you will be given ample opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in areas of your particular interest.