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Breastfeeding support groups in Lambeth and Southwark

Breastfeeding support group

Breastfeeding support cafés and breastfeeding support groups provide a safe and comfortable environment to support pregnant and breastfeeding women to start and continue breastfeeding..

Come and discuss your breastfeeding needs with mother-to-mother breastfeeding peer counsellors, midwives and health visitors. 

Find your nearest breastfeeding support group / breastfeeding café

Find your breastfeeding support cafes and breastfeeding support groups in Lambeth and Southwark. The Lambeth & Southwark Breastfeeding Groups' Facebook page has the most up to date information, including holiday closures of children’s centres.  

For information about Southwark breastfeeding support cafes, please call Clarissa Georgestone on 07766 307 521.

Drop-in sessions at St Thomas' Hospital

If you're an inpatient on the maternity unit, you can come to our daily breastfeeding information session, which is held in the postnatal ward.

If you or your baby are inpatients elsewhere in Guy's and St Thomas', please ring or email us for support and information on 020 7188 7564 or breastfeedingteam@gstt.nhs.uk or visit our breastfeeding pages.

Please contact the breastfeeding team on 020 7188 7564 or email us at breastfeedingteam@gstt.nhs.uk for further information.

Further support and information


For more information about Lambeth breastfeeding support groups, please contact the breastfeeding team:

For information about Southwark breastfeeding support cafes, please call Clarissa Georgestone on 07766 307 521. 

Virtual introduction to solid food sessions

In this 60 minute workshop (PDF 82Kb) you will learn about starting and progressing with solid foods with your baby in a practical and friendly session with an expert dietitian and nutritionists. 

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The ‘Lambeth & Southwark Breastfeeding Groups’ Facebook page has up to date information about breastfeeding support in Lambeth.