What is an anaesthetic?

General anaesthetic is medicine that is used to make sure a person is asleep and does not feel any pain during an operation. Specially trained doctors, called anaesthetists, care for all patients having an anaesthetic. Find out more in Having an anaesthetic.  

What we do

We look after children of all ages, from premature newborns to young adults, needing anaesthesia for operations or investigations.

Our main goal is to ensure your child’s safety and comfort.

We anaesthetise around 10,000 children a year and provide anaesthetic services for all surgical specialties within the hospital as well as a 24-hour emergency service. 

Our team

All children having an operation at Evelina London are cared for by our team of anaesthetists. They have been specifically trained to give anaesthetic to children.

The team includes 27 consultants and around 11 trainees.


Anaesthetic department

Tel: 020 7188 0644