A blood test involves taking a small sample of blood from your child, from the back of the hand, inside of the elbow or the wrist.

The area where the blood is being taken from may be anaesthetised (numbed) first with a special spray.

Most blood tests only take a few minutes.

The procedure shouldn't hurt much and our specially trained staff will do all they can to make your child as comfortable as possible.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital website has some useful tips and advice on what to do if your child is scared of needles.

Where to go for your child's blood test

Children's blood test centre (PDF 138KB)
Ground floor, South Wing
St Thomas' Hospital
London SE1 7EH

How to book  

If you or your child are an outpatient at Evelina London Children's Hospital, or your GP has asked you or your child to get blood taken at Evelina London, you will need to book your blood tests online using the Swiftqueue booking system

Why have we changed our booking system for blood tests?

Swiftqueue allows you to see appointment times and make a booking at a time of your choice. You can also view, reschedule and cancel your appointments online. 

This will help us to improve waiting times and make sure we don’t have too many people waiting in the department at one time. 

Please note, this change does not impact blood testing services for inpatients at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.  

Booking a blood test using Swiftqueue

To create an account and book your blood test, visit the Swiftqueue website or use the link at the bottom of your blood test form.

A parent or guardian can make bookings on behalf of patients under the age of 16.

You can watch a step-by-step video guide on YouTube that explains how to make a booking for yourself or for someone else.

You need to book your blood test at the same hospital trust as you attend as an outpatient.

If you're unable to book online 

We understand that not everyone is able to use an online booking system or has access the internet. We are making sure our service remains flexible and accommodating by offering you different ways to book your blood test.

Same day appointments 

If you or your child needs a blood test after a clinic appointment, they'll be able to have your blood taken on the same day. We can make an appointment for your on the same day when you arrive.

Future appointments 

A member of the team at our phlebotomy clinics can help you to book a future appointment. This will be particularly helpful if you have routine tests or for when you wish to secure an early appointment because fasting is required. 

Booking for others (including children under 16)

Family members, friends and carers can book blood test appointments by creating their own Swiftqueue account and adding you to it.   

Booking at a GP practice 

GP practices might be able to make an appointment on your behalf using Swiftqueue. Please check with your GP.   


Phone: 020 7188 4778

This number is for general queries only. You cannot book an appointment using this number.

Opening hours for walk in patients: 8am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Please note that we're closed on:

  • Saturday 23 December to Tuesday 26 December
  • Saturday 30 December to Monday 1 January

If you've been referred by your GP, please book an appointment on the Swiftqueue website.

How to find us

Children's blood test centre (PDF 138KB)
Ground floor, South Wing
St Thomas' Hospital
London SE1 7EH

Map of Ground Floor, South Wing (PDF 138Kb)