Complex neurodevelopmental disabilities service referrals

Who can refer

We accept referrals from NHS colleagues including:

  • GPs
  • children's consultants
  • child and adolescent psychiatrists
  • children's neurologists, or
  • any other medical consultant.

How to refer

Please address referral letters to any of the following services:

  • Neurodisability assessment
  • Feeding clinic
  • Rett clinic

Referral letters should include a specific diagnostic or management question for the team to address. Please send by email or post using the referral details in the box on this page.

We accept referrals made by local teams in the following circumstances:

  • where there is a dispute or uncertainty about diagnosis (often where there are other issues such as neurological, sensory or mental health problems)
  • where there is uncertainty about best management or concern about feasibility of locally provided intervention. This will include specialist interventions, for example behavioural management, CBT for anxiety and other mental health problems in individuals with autism and medication.

We examine each referral to make sure there is a specific question or issue that needs to be addressed. A specific team is allocated to each referral.

Referral contacts

Appointments: 020 7188 4624

Team medical secretary: 020 7188 7188 (ext 56227)

Complex neurodevelopmental disabilities service
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