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Complex neurodevelopmental disorders team

This section provides information about some of the staff you may meet.

Medical consultants

  • Dr Michael Absoud – consultant in neurodisability
  • Professor Gillian Baird – children's developmental consultant
  • Dr Birgitta Bernhard – consultant in neurodisability
  • Dr Veronica Kelly – consultant in neurodisability
  • Dr Ashley Liew – consultant child and adolescent neuropsychiatrist
  • Dr Osman Malik – consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • Dr Gabriel Whitlingum – consultant in neurodisability

Psychology Team

  • Dr Deborah Woodman – clinical psychology lead 

Educational psychologists

  • Dr Jenny Baulcomb
  • Dr Karen Cooper
  • Dr Lauren Taylor 

Clinical psychologists

  • Dr Vicki Ford
  • Dr Victoria Illingworth
  • Dr Sara Sopena

  • Amit SoniTricker - assistant psychologist 

Speech and language therapists

  • Janette Carrasco
  • Amy Riddett
  • Jessica Rose
  • Dr Vicky Slonims
  • Anna Walkden
  • Amy Waters
  • Dr Penny Williams

Occupational therapists

  • Fiona Flicker
  • Annemarie Sims
  • Katy Strudwick


  • Naomi Mathews
  • Karen Pratt