Ingrid Wolfe

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Consultant in paediatric population health

Ingrid Wolfe - consultant children's public health medicine and Director of the Evelina London Child Health Partnership

Area of expertise: paediatric population health

Languages spoken: English, Swedish


Ingrid Wolfe is a Consultant in Paediatric Population Health at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, and Reader in Paediatrics and Child Health at King’s College London where she leads the Child Health Systems and Policy Research Group. She is Director of the Institute for Women’s and Children’s Health (King’s Health Partners) She is co-Chair of the British Association for Child and Adolescent Public Health.

As Director of the Children and Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP), hosted by Evelina London, she led the development and evaluation of a new model of children’s healthcare in South London. This work continues as Evelina London’s Population Paediatrics, a clinical-academic programme of work to improve outcomes for children.

Dr Wolfe’s work is about improving child health through strengthening and applying science in children’s health services, systems, and policy.

Dr Wolfe teaches undergraduate and postgraduate clinical and research students in paediatrics and child health. She supervises MSc and PhD students and mentors early career researchers in child health services and systems research.

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