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Gait analysis clinic

What to expect at your child's gait analysis appointment. We also run an upper limb movement analysis clinic where we assess arm and hand function.

About the clinic

When do clinics take place?

Clinics take place Monday to Wednesday at 10am and 1.30pm.

Staff include:

  • Dr Nicola Fry
  • Mr Martin Gough
  • Stephanie Graham
  • Dr Jonathan Noble
  • Elizabeth Ray
  • Dr Adam Shortland

How do I get an appointment?

Children can be referred to our service by their clinician such as a GP, paediatrician, neurologist or orthopaedic surgeon.

A community physiotherapist may also refer in consultation with the healthcare professionals listed above.

We will send an appointment to you after we receive a referral.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Please ring 020 7188 2476 to change or cancel your appointment.

If you fail to attend without telling us at least 24 hours before the appointment, this will be recorded as a ‘did not attend’. Your child will not be sent a further appointment and will be discharged back to the professional that referred them. Failing to attend means we are not using our staff effectively and other patients are waiting longer.

What is gait analysis?

Gait analysis is the measurement of how people move when walking. At a gait analysis appointment we record the movement pattern of your child’s legs using a video camera and motion capture system while they walk along a large (10 metre) room. The cameras will follow your child’s leg movements by tracking small plastic balls that are placed onto their feet, legs, and around their waist using a small amount of sticky tape.

We may also stick some small sensors on to their legs that record the electrical signals of their muscles. These tell us when their body is turning their muscles on and off. We then use this information to create a 3D computer model of their legs. We also measure how flexible their legs are by gently moving them and measuring the angles. Please see the patient information leaflets page for further information.

Gait analysis happens in two stages:

  • gathering information about your child's walking pattern
  • putting this information together in a report which will help your child's doctor or therapist make decisions about treatment.

Does it hurt?

Gait analysis simply looks at a person's usual walking pattern. Patients are asked to walk along a 10 metre walkway so that the cameras can follow the plastic balls. They can walk at a speed that they find comfortable and can stop for a short rest if they feel tired.

The plastic balls and sensors that we use to record your child's movements are held on with small amounts of sticky tape. When these are removed at the end of the appointment it may cause a little discomfort, but they are less sticky than plasters.

What should I bring?

Your child's legs and torso need to be seen clearly by the cameras. The best clothing to wear is a t-shirt and loose shorts. Your child will need to have bare feet for parts of the appointment.

If your child uses any walking aids or ankle foot orthoses (splints) to walk please bring these with you.

How long does it take?

Depending on the amount of information needed, the analysis can take up to two hours. This involves a number of rest periods.

Results/after your appointment

We will not be able to give you the results on the same day as your child's appointment. Results are sent in a report within six weeks.

After the appointment, we analyse the data in the laboratory, write a report and review that report with a team of movement specialists (including clinical scientists, therapists and orthopaedic surgeons).

Copies of the report get sent to your child's referrer, so that they can discuss it with you and your child when you next see them. We advise you to contact your referrer if you do not know the date of your child's follow-up appointment.

Your child may be seen at the gait laboratory again but the doctor would need to make a new referral.


Tel: 020 7188 2476

Email: onesmallstep.gaitlab@nhs.net

How to find us

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