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Transition to adult inherited metabolic diseases service

The move from the children's to the adult inherited metabolic diseases IMD service is a gradual process. It's important that you are involved, prepared and understand the changes, which are likely to happen as you approach 16 years of age.

When does transition start?

From the age of 14 years, you will be slowly introduced to the adult inherited metabolic disease service.

Where should I go?

The transition clinics take place at Evelina London.

You will have four appointments over the two-year period when you are 14-16 years old. At your last appointment you'll be shown where the adult IMD clinic is, at Gassiot House, St Thomas' Hospital.

Who will I see?

At your first two clinic appointments you'll see staff from the children's IMD team. At your last two appointments, you will see both the children's and adult teams. 

What happens at the appointments?

When the transition process begins, we will work with you to set some goals that you want to achieve. At each appointment we will talk through these goals with you, and how you think you're doing.

If you have any anxieties or questions about the transition process, you can also talk about these at your appointments.

During your first two clinic visits, your parent or guardian will be invited to come along to the appointment with you, but you will also be given the opportunity to see us on your own. During your last two visits, we will ask to see you without your parent/guardian. This is to help you become more independent.

Further information

For more information about transition, please download our leaflet The transition process: what you need to know (PDF 89Kb).

For more information about adult IMD services, see the Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust website.

Transition contacts

Inherited metabolic dietitians

Tel: 020 7188 4008 / 9611

Inherited metabolic nurse specialists

Tel: 020 7188 0855 / 0850

Inherited metabolic secretaries

Tel: 020 7188 0848 / 4004