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KAFO rehab

How do I get an appointment?

Once an appointment has been made you will receive a letter informing you of where and when to come. You will also receive a text reminder if we have your mobile phone number.

Information about knee ankle foot orthosis “KAFO” rehabilitation appointments

Rehabilitation sessions

This information will be relevant to you if you have been asked to attend the Evelina London Children’s Hospital for some rehabilitation sessions to teach you how to use your KAFOs following surgery. Before your hospital stay please continue with any ankle, knee and hip stretches that you have been given, in order to give you the best possible start to the sessions.

Benefits of your child having- KAFOs

KAFOs can enable prolonged safe standing and stepping ability for someone who is finding independent walking difficult. Additionally, they can offer a stretch to the lower limb muscles.

What to bring with you

  • Your KAFOs and your AFOs
  • Comfortable shorts and socks
  • Your hoist sling
  • Cheap trainers that fit over your KAFOs (1-2 sizes up). It is a good idea to bring two pairs of different sizes to try, don’t remove the tags so any unsuitable can be returned to the shop.
  • Schoolwork
  • Snacks that you like
  • A drink bottle for your sessions

During your ward stay

Please note that there is no parking available for your stay at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

You will be seen the day of, or the day after your surgery to be fitted for your KAFOs. You will be informed of the schedule of your sessions each morning, and will have two sessions each day.

In between sessions we advise you to sit out in your wheelchair, rather than spending all your time in bed. You can explore the hospital or get some fresh air outside. Ideally you will have either your KAFOs or your AFOs on to maintain your ankle range of movement.

Your stay on the ward includes meals for you but not for whoever brings you. There is a fridge and microwave available for you to use.

In term- time the hospital school is available and attendance is recommended between physiotherapy sessions but please bring some schoolwork with you.

Aims of the week

  • For you to be able to stand comfortably in your KAFOs
  • For you be able to step forwards, backwards and sideways in your KAFOs
  • For you to be able to change direction in your KAFOs
  • For you to be able to start and stop in your KAFOs
  • For you to be confident to stand up and sit down whilst wearing your KAFOs
  • To complete 10 metres walking in your KAFOs

After your child leaves hospital

It is important that you continue to use your KAFOs as practiced in the rehabilitation sessions. If you have any concerns regarding your KAFOs you can contact the neuromuscular physiotherapy team.