Your child's neuromuscular appointment


How do I get an appointment?

Your child will be referred by their GP or consultant if they may have a neuromuscular disorder.

Changing or cancelling your appointment

To cancel or change your appointment:

Please tell us as soon as possible so we can offer the appointment to another patient.  

Before your appointment

Please bring to your appointment:

  • your child’s red book (personal child health record)
  • details of any health professionals already involved in your child's care
  • a list of any medicines your child is taking

During the appointment, we may need to examine your child's strength and their movement abilities. We'll usually ask your child to undress to their underwear to make sure we can assess them properly, so you may want to bring shorts for them to wear to make them feel more comfortable.

During your appointment

Your child will be assessed by a specialist children’s neuromuscular doctor and a specialist neuromuscular physiotherapist. You may also see an occupational therapist. During the appointment they will examine your child's muscle strength and observe their movement abilities.

Your first appointment will last for 1 hour. Your follow-up appointments will last about 45 minutes. We do our best to run on time but delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

We may need to take a blood test or do some other investigations after your clinic appointment. We may need to arrange for these to happen on a different day.

As we're a teaching hospital, students and visitors may be observing the team. We'll always ask your permission for them to observe your appointment.

After your appointment

During your appointment, we'll let you know whether we need to do any specialist investigations and when these will be. We'll also tell you whether or not you need a follow-up clinic appointment.

After your appointment, we'll write to you about what happened in your appointment and with details of any follow-up appointments.

A copy of this letter will also be sent to your GP and any other clinicians involved in your child's care.

The letter will have contact details for the neuromuscular service you can use if you have any questions.


Appointment queries

Appointment office: 020 7188 4000